[onchocerca sweetae occurring in the buffalo in thailand (author's transl)].the intradermal onchocerca from bubalus bubalis of thailand is the same as that which was described as o. sweetae from intradermal nodules in b. bubalis from australia. this identification suggests there has been no speciation between the parasites of australian and asiatic buffaloes. the taxon o. indica sweet 1915 consists of two distinct species; one in perimuscular nodules of bos indicus is most probably o. gibsoni (and thus, the species o. indica, based essentially on the description of this ...19807458162
scanning electron microscopy of onchocerca sweetae. 19883417385
onchocerca sweetae (nematoda: filarioidea): notes on the intermediate host.microfilariae of onchocerca sweetae are broadly distributed in the superficial layers of the dermis of the water buffalo (bubalus bubalis). a total of 2855 insects representing 20 species were collected from o. sweetae-infected bait buffaloes. only one species, culicoides sp. "m", ingested microfilariae from buffalo skin. larval development of o. sweetae was observed in the thorax of this species. atotal of 829 insects, representing 7 species and including 749 parous culicoides spp. were collect ...197826709
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