[contribution to the exogenous development of eimeria cameli (henry and masson, 1932), reichenow 1953].with reference to 4 illustrations, a complementary study on the morphology of 82-98 x 62-75 micron large oocysts of eimeria cameli.1978556322
coccidiosis in sudanese camels (camelus dromedarius): 1--first record and description of eimeria spp. harboured by camels in the eastern region of sudan.coccidial oocysts were detected in 40 (17.4%) out of 230 faecal samples obtained from camels in the eastern region of sudan during june 1985-june 1986. these oocysts were identified as eimeria rajasthani, eimeria dromedarii and eimeria cameli. a detailed description of sporulated oocysts is given in this study and variations from previous authors' findings are discussed.19892769604
a case report of coccidiosis caused by eimeria cameli in a camel (camelus dromedarius) in nigeria.the gross and histopathologic lesions caused by eimeria cameli in the intestinal tract of a camel (camelus dromedarius) are described. post mortem examination showed lesions in the small intestine which had swollen mucosa on which were numerous whitish-grey foci. histologically, giant schizonts in various developmental stages were seen in the lamina propria of the jejunum. the associated inflammatory cellular response in these areas was predominantly mononuclear and eosinophilic in character.19807411744
eimeria cameli (henry and masson, 1932) reichenow, 1952: redescription and prevalence in the eastern province of saudi arabia.eimeria cameli is reported for the first time from saudi camels. this parasite occurs throughout the year but is commonest during september. of 960 camels of which fecal samples were examined 14% harboured oocysts. the oocyst of e. cameli measures 86-108 x 61-86 microns and is dark brown to black in the tissues and when passed out in the feces. giant schizonts are seen in the jejunum and not in the abomasum as previously reported. this and other morphological features departing from previous des ...19836825454
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