cytodites nudus-induced granulomatous pneumonia in chickens. 199217424122
notes on the parasitism of cytodites nudus and haemaphysalis chordeilis. 190917778444
cytodites nudus infestation of chickens.respiratory disease in adult chickens of free range flocks was reported in victoria, australia. affected birds had dyspnoea, gasping, coughing and lethargy. post mortem lesions were granulomatous pneumonia and air sacculitis, with numerous cytodites nudus mites in the air sacs and bronchial passages. a treatment trial indicated that the individual administration of malathion by aerosol could cause clinical remission and prevention of further cases. no effective method of demonstrating mites in l ...198318766772
[histopathological observations of hen lungs infested with air sac mites (cytodites nudus)]. 19705519293
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