pathological infection of thoroughbred horses with gastrodiscus aegyptiacus.contrary to common belief, gastrodiscus aegyptiacus can be pathogenic to horses. history of cases of a particular stud, necropsy findings, diagnosis, and successful treatment with hexachlorophene and with dichlorvos are recorded. the presence of eggs can be established by a special flotation technique.19751177244
[chaetotaxy of gastrodiscus aegyptiacus cercaria (trematoda, paramphistomoidea) a horse parasite].cercarial chaetotaxy of gastrodiscus aegyptiacus (paramphistomoidea), parasite of the horse, is described. cercariae were shed by experimentally infected bulinus forskalii. this description is the first one of a gastrodiscidae. the cercarial chaetotaxy of the gastrodiscidae is quite different from those of paramphistomoidea and diplodiscidae.19863813414
phosphatase systems in fasciolopsis buski lankester, 1857 and gastrodiscus aegyptiacus cobbold, 1876. 19734356080
a case of gastrodiscus aegyptiacus infection in a horse in ethiopia. 19734787998
[paramphostomid infestation in equids in egypt].the investigation of 156 donkeys in the area of the veterinary faculty of the tanta university in kafr el-sheikh showed that 49 animals (31.41%) were infected with trematodes, 34 donkeys (21.80%) served as hosts for gastrodiscus aegyptiacus, 22 (14.10%) were infected with fasciola gigantica und 7 (4.49%) with both trematodes. 6 of 40 examined horses (15.0%) showed monoinfections with g. aegyptiacus only. because of the fragmentary knowledge on these paramphistomides of equids, some aspects conce ...19968765538
susceptibility of 7 freshwater gastropod species in zimbabwe to infection with gastrodiscus aegyptiacus (cobbold, 1876) looss, 1896.gastrodiscosis outbreaks due to gastrodiscus aegyptiacus were recorded in horses in the vicinity of harare, zimbabwe, in the absence of bulinus forskalii, b. senegalensis and cleopatra sp. which are considered to be the only intermediate host snails. this suggested the possibility of other snail species acting as intermediate hosts in the life cycle of the trematode. a study was carried out to determine the susceptibility of 7 freshwater snail species to infection with g. aegyptiacus. first gene ...200415830604
distribution, habitats and role as intermediate host of the freshwater snail, bulinus forskalii, in south africa.this paper focuses on the geographical distribution and habitats of bulinus forskalii, the snail intermediate host of the conical fluke of equids, gastrodiscus aegyptiacus as reflected by the 1209 samples in the database of the national freshwater snail collection of south africa. the 362 different loci on record represent an extensive distribution in kwazulu-natal province, the limpopo province, the coastal areas of the eastern cape province and the south-eastern part of the north west province ...200516137134
gastrodiscus aegyptiacus in horses in guyana. 19836860929
a survey of seasonal gastrointestinal parasitic infections in donkeys from a semiarid sub-saharan region, sudan.out of 92 donkeys examined for gastrointestinal parasites, 90 animals were found infected by one or more gastrointestinal parasites with an overall prevalence rate of 97.78%. the distributions of the recovered parasites in the different parts of the body were as follows: stomach, 92.4%, small intestine, 19.6%, caecum, 88%, colon, 80.4%, rectum, 73.9%, and cranial mesenteric artery, 64.1%. a significant difference was found between mean parasite counts and seasons. hot wet season had higher mean ...201627298739
the life cycle of gastrodiscus aegyptiacus (cobbold, 1876) looss, 1896 (trematoda: paramphistomatidae: gastrodiscinae). 19715167379
gastro-intestinal helminths of donkeys in burkina faso.thirty adult donkeys from burkina faso were necropsied and their gastro-intestinal worm burdens counted and determined. the strongylids were the most abundant species with a prevalence of 100% for strongylus vulgaris. four species of strongylus, two of triodontophorus and six of the cyathostominae were recovered. all of the animals were also infested with habronematid nematodes, but oxyurid and ascaridid nematodes were found in low numbers. in addition to the nematodes, the paramphistomid tremat ...19863799012
gastrointestinal parasites of working donkeys of ethiopia.the general prevalence and population composition of gastrointestinal and pulmonary helminths of working donkeys were studied. for the purpose 2935 working donkeys were coprologically examined for nematode and cestode, and 215 donkeys for trematode infections. seven donkeys that died due to various health problems or were euthanased on a welfare ground were necropsied and the parasites were recovered and identified to the species level. the study was conducted during the periods 1996-1999.coprol ...201019548106
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