some remarks on the ecology of echinorhynchus salmonis muller 1784. 19705415450
on the distribution and abundance of eel parasites in nova scotia: influence of ph.the geographic distribution of metazoan parasites of american eels (anguilla rostrata) was determined from 28 sites in the southern upland and adjacent regions of nova scotia. twelve parasite species were encountered. component community diversity as measured by species richness, shannon-wiener index (h') and hill's number (n1) decreased when ph < 5.4. seven species (azygia longa, crepidostomum brevivitellum, bothriocephalus claviceps, proteocephalus macrocephalus, paraquimperia tenerrima, echin ...19968636841
parasites of the deepwater sculpin, myoxocephalus thompsoni (cottidae), from lake michigan and lake huron.a total of 190 deepwater sculpins, myoxocephalus thompsoni, collected in 1995 from michigan waters of lake michigan and lake huron was examined for parasites. five parasite species occurred in sculpins from lake michigan with echinorhynchus salmonis being most common. six parasite species infected sculpins from lake huron, with haplonema sp. the most common. haplonema sp. is the only gravid helminth species reported from deepwater sculpins. pleistophora sp. and trichodina sp. infected sculpins f ...19979057717
helminths in an intensively stocked population of lake trout, salvelinus namaycush, from lake huron.eighty stocked lake trout salvelinus namaycush (salmonidae), collected from 2 locations in lake huron in may 1995, were examined for parasites. the parasite fauna of this top predator in lake huron was characterized by only 6 helminth species. echinorhynchus salmonis infected all lake trout with a mean intensity of 163.9. the intensity of this acanthocephalan species significantly increased with host length and weight. eubothrium salvelini infected 78 lake trout with a maximum number of 81 scole ...200010864274
[echinorhynchus salmonis mueller 1792 (acanthocephala) a new fish parasite in czechoslovakia]. 195514389323
echinorhynchus salmonis müller, 1784 absent in britain and ireland: re-identification of museum specimens.collections of 'echinorhynchus salmonis' from britain and ireland deposited in the natural history museum, london (1921.7.19.3-12 and 1952.10.30.122-127) were re-identified as acanthocephalus clavula and acanthocephalus lucii respectively. the amphipod, pontoporeia affinis, european intermediate host of e. salmonis, does not occur in the british isles, so it is concluded that e. salmonis is absent from british and irish freshwater fishes.200415139381
echinorhynchus salmonis müller, 1784 (acanthocephala: echinorhynchidae) from the bothnian bay, baltic sea: morphological variability and radial asymmetry of proboscis hooks.echinorhynchus salmonis is a common parasite of salmoniform and other fishes, occurring in fresh and brackish waters throughout the holarctic. presented here is the first analysis of the morphometric and meristic variation in a palaearctic population of e. salmonis, collected from whitefish coregonus lavaretus l. and smelt osmerus eperlaus (l.) from the bothnian bay, northern baltic sea. morphological data were compared with published descriptions of congeneric taxa. nearctic populations of salm ...200415449830
[parasite fauna of the european river lamprey lampetra fluviatilis (l.) from lake onega].data on the parasite fauna of the adult european river lamprey lampetra fluviatilis (l.) from lake onega are reported. ten parasite species are found, including trematodes diplostomum petromyzifluviatilis and d. spathaceum (metacercariae), cestode proteocephalus longicollis, nematodes cucullanus truttae and raphidascaris acus, acanthocephalan echinorhynchus salmonis, ectoparasitic infusoria chilodonella hexastica, trichodina tenuidens, and trichodinella epizootica, and fungus saprolegnia parasit ...200717957959
parasites of the deepwater sculpin (myoxocephalus thompsonii) across its canadian range.deepwater sculpin (myoxocephalus thompsonii) were collected from 19 lakes across the species' distribution in canada and examined for parasites. six helminth species (crepidostomum farionis, bothriocephalus cuspidatus, proteocephalus sp., cyathocephalus truncatus, raphidascaris acus, and echinorhynchus salmonis), 1 crustacean species (ergasilus nerkae), and 1 molluscan species (glochidia) parasitized these hosts. crepidostomum farionis, proteocephalus sp., r. acus, e. nerkae, and the glochidia r ...200919382824
spatio-temporal dynamics of gastrointestinal helminths infecting four lake whitefish (coregonus clupeaformis) stocks in northern lakes michigan and huron, u.s.a.abstract this study was undertaken to identify the community composition and structure of helminths infecting the gastrointestinal tract (git) of lake whitefish (coregonus clupeaformis) collected from four sites in northern lakes huron (cheboygan and de tour village) and michigan (big bay de noc and naubinway) from fall 2003 through summer 2006. a total of 21,203 helminths were retrieved from the gits of 1,284 lake whitefish. approximately 42% of the lake whitefish examined harbored at least one ...201121612422
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