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the occurrence, life cycle, and pathogenicity of echinuria uncinata (rudolphi, 1819) soloviev, 1912 (spirurida, nematoda) in waterfowl at delta, manitoba. 19725022065
parasites of waterfowl, from southwest texas: iii. the green-winged teal, anas crecca.seventy of 72 green-winged teal, anas crecca, from southwest texas were infected with parasites. seventeen species of endoparasites were recorded: notocotylus attenuatus, zygocotyle lunata, typhlocoelum sisowi, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, dendritobilharzia pulverulenta, cloacotaenia megalops, sobolevicanthus gracilis, sobolevicanthus krabbeella, gastrotaenia cygni, amidostomum acutum, amidostomum anseris, tetrameres crami, echinuria uncinata, corynosoma constrictum, polymorphus ...19816788963
[helminth fauna anseriformes (aves) in the lodz zoological garden].in the years 1959-1990 429 birds on 30 species of anseriformes were examined post mortem at zoo lódź. the helminths were found in 108 birds (25.17%) of 19 species. in infected birds there were found 4 species of trematodes: one of them, catatropis verrucosa is in poland new for cygnus olor; 9 species of cestodes--7 of them are in poland new for examined hosts; namely: drepanidotaenia lanceolata for dendrocygna viduata, cygnus atratus, branta bernicla, and anas platyrhynchos; microsomacanthus par ...19979424942
mortality in laysan ducks (anas laysanensis) by emaciation complicated by echinuria uncinata on laysan island, hawaii, november 1993, unusual mortality occurred among endangered laysan ducks on laysan island, one of the remote refugia of the northwestern hawaiian islands national wildlife refuge (usa). ten live ducks were emaciated, and blood samples documented anemia, heterophilia, and eosinophilia. pathology in 13 duck carcasses revealed emaciation, marked thickening of the proventricular wall, abundant mucus, and nodules in the gastrointestinal tract. histology revealed granulomata associated with nematode ...200415137496
[biological and ecological background of nematode fauna structure formation in the alimentary tracts of wild anatinae ducks in north-western poland].the study involved a total of 250 wild ducks representing 17 species of three ecologically different tribes: the anatini (113 individuals), the aythyini (71), and the mergini (66). the ducks, obtained mainly from fishermen and hunters, were examined for the presence of parasites, using the generally accepted methods. analyses of nematode assemblage structure were conducted with methods described in the literature. in addition, significance of differences in intensity of infestation was determine ...200818664105
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