[infection by inermicapsifer madagascariensis (davaine, 1870); baer, 1956. a report of 2 cases].two female white patients of 11 months and 1 year of age, respectively, with intestinal parasitism due to inermicapsifer madagascariensis (inermicapsifer cubensis) are presented. they were attended at the pediatrics outpatient department of the "pedro kourí" institute of tropical medicine during the last 3 years. both patients who did not cure with the different treatment used against taeniasis and who used to expel parasites through the anus, were referred to this center, where they were diagno ...19969805057
[finding of inermicapsifer cubensis in the white rat; preliminary note]. 195212983836
[definite localization by prof. pedro kouri of natural host of inermicapsifer cubensis; parasite discovered by cuban scientists]. 195213101013
[discussion on inermicapsifer cubensis (kourä 1938)]. 195015424479
[anatomy, systematic position and epidemiology of inermicapsifer cubensis (kourä 1938) kouri, 1940, a cestode parasitic in man in cuba]. 195015424481
[statistics of inermicapsifer cubensis (kourä, 1938) kourä, 1940; report of 7 new cases]. 195015424482
[not available]. 194918113350
[not available]. 194818876778
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