a microsporidan contaminant of a nonhuman primate cell culture: ultrastructural comparison with nosema connori. 1979109606
nosema connori n. sp., a microsporidian parasite of man. 19744212205
[microsporidiosis: a new protozoan disease in persons infected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)].the list of infections, threatening patients with impaired immunological system, especially infected with hiv, prolongs systematically. since early eighties many authors pay attention to little known type of protozoan: microspora. more and more often new microsporidia species are described as a cause of disease, especially in patients with aids. we present review of literature data concerning species known up to now as pathogenic for man: encephalitozoon cuniculi, encephalitozoon hellem, nosema ...19947597182
early experiences with microsporidia of man and mammals.comparative data are given of microsporidian infections in insects and mammals. due to minute size and diffuse distribution in mammals microsporidia were recognized in vertebrates only during search for virus infections. early infections with encephalitozoon in rearings of laboratory animals contaminated many isolates of other protozoan infections. old separate descriptions of microsporidia in mice, rabbits or dogs have to be reevaluated with modern methods of molecular analysis. old cases of in ...19938013925
brachiola vesicularum, n. g., n. sp., a new microsporidium associated with aids and myositis.brachiola vesicularum, n. g., n. sp., is a new microsporidum associated with aids and myositis. biopsied muscle tissue, examined by light and electron microscopy, revealed the presence of organisms developing in direct contact with muscle cell cytoplasm and fibers. no other tissue types were infected. all parasite stages contain diplokaryotic nuclei and all cell division is by binary fission. sporogony is disporoblastic, producing 2.9 x 2 microns diplokaryotic spores containing 8-10 coils of the ...19989627985
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