nematode parasites from burchell's zebras in south africa.twenty-five burchell's zebras (equus burchelli antiquorum) which were culled at monthly intervals in the kruger national park were examined for helminths. twenty-nine species of nematodes belonging to the families atractidae, habronematidae, onchocercidae, oxyuridae, strongylidae, strongyloididae and trichostrongylidae were recovered. the cyathostomes (small strongyles) most abundant were cyathostomum tetracanthum, cylicostephanus calicatus, cylindropharynx sp. (? c. intermedia theiler, 1923) an ...19873625897
studies on the parasites of zebras. 1. nematodes of the burchell's zebra in the kruger national park.nineteen species of gastro-intestinal nematodes were recovered from 10 burchell's zebra. these include: cyathostomum alveatum, c. montgomeryi and c. tetracanthum; cylicocyclus auriculatus, c. gyalocephaloides, c. insigne and c. triramosus; cylicodontophorus schürmanni and cylicodontophorus n.sp., cylicostephanus bidentatus, c. calicatus and c. minutus; poteriostomum ratzii, craterostomum acuticaudatum, triodontophorus minor, habronema majus, h. muscae, h. zebrae, and draschia megastoma, as well ...19836634083
[historical review on the development of medical parasitology in china during the years of 1871-2006].the present review deals with the representative research papers on human parasites and parasitic diseases in china over the past hundred years (1871-2006). as the views focused on the development of the medical parasitology, the historical background and progressive characters in the period of fermentation, origination, and expansion have been discussed. the check list of the first cases of human parasitic diseases reported in china during 1871-2006 contained 128 species of parasitic pathogens, ...200718038794
study on the gastrointestinal parasite fauna of ponies in northern germany.quantitative faecal and post-mortem examinations of 16 ponies, 1 to 2 1/2 years of age, originating from 3 farms in northern germany were performed in february 1995 to determine the prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal parasites in these animals. a total of 33 species of metazoan parasites was recovered: three tapeworm species (anoplocephala perfoliata, a. magna, paranoplocephala mamillana), strongylus vulgaris, s. edentatus, small strongyles (including four triodontophorus spp., cratero ...19969060170
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