[intestinal parasite infections among inhabitants in two islands of tongyeong-gun, kyeongsangnam-do].this study was performed to evaluate the status of intestinal parasitic infections among the inhabitants in two islands (chu-do and doomi-do) of tongyeong-gun, kyeongsangnam-do (province), from august to september, 1989. a total of 189 stool specimens was collected from the inhabitants of 3 villages and examined by kato's cellophane thick smear and formalin-ether sedimentation techniques. stoll's dilution egg counting technique was done for the quantitative examination of helminth eggs. the over ...19902271502
[second report on intestinal parasites among the patients of seoul paik hospital (1984-1992)].the results of fecal examination for helminth eggs and protozoan cysts in seoul paik hospital during 1984-1992 are reported. fecal specimens of a total of 52,552 out- or inpatients were examined by formalin-ether sedimentation and/or direct smear method. the overall egg positive rate of helminths was 6.5% and the cyst positive rate of protozoa 2.5%. the egg positive rate (number of positive cases) for each species of helminth was; clonorchis sinensis 3.2% (1,667), trichuris trichiura 2.0% (1,089 ...19948167105
[a survey on intestinal parasites of soldiers in korea]total of 2,643 korean soldiers were examined of their stool for parasitic infections by both cellophane thick smear and formalin-ether concentration techniques from august 1983 to december 1985. out of them, 73.6% were free from any parasite, 22.6% were ova positive and 4.0% cyst positive. the ova positive rates by species were ascaris lumbricoides 2.0%, trichuris trichiura 13.0%, hookworm and trichostrongylus orientalis 0.08% respectively, clonorchis sinensis 7.6%, metagonimus yokogawai 1.1%, p ...198612886100
pyrantel embonate and bephenium hydroxynaphthoate in the treatment of hookworm infection.a total of 100 hookworm infested patients were divided into two groups. one group of 49 received pyrantel embonate in a single oral dose of 10 mg as the base per kg body weight and the other group of 51 a single oral dose of 5.0 gm bephenium hydroxynaphthoate for a comparison of efficacy on hookworm infestation and other intestinal helminths. forty-two(85.7%) cases of hookworm treated with pyrantel embonate were cured and there was a 99.9 per cent mean reduction in fecal egg count. of the 51 pat ...197512913463
intestinal parasite survey of kyungpook national university hospital patients.for seven years from 1962 to 1968, fecal specimens of the patients were examined not only for the discovery of intestinal protozoa and helminths, but also to provie data on the incidence of intestinal parasites among the residents of kyungpook province, korea. the formalin-ether sedimentation, lugol solution, and heidenhain's iron-hematoxylin stained films were prepared for the recovery of intestinal parasites. of 2,414 samples of feces examined, 35.7 percent were found to be infected with one o ...197112913615
[prevalence of intestinal parasites in korea]a survey of intestinal parasites infection among korean people has been carried out during july 1969 to december 1970. a total of 2,250 stool specimens (male 1,101, female 1,146) was collected from all the provinces and seoul city in korea. the specimens were examined routinely by direct fecal smear, zinc sulfate flotation and formalin-ether sedimentation techniques. the results are summarized as follows: 1. of 2,250 specimens examined, l,803(80.l %) were positive for intestinal parasites. 2. th ...197112913622
[incidence of intestinal parasites with fecal examination on the out patient of pusan university hospital]author studied on the incidence of intestinal parasites with fecal examination on the out patient pusan university hospital, between from january to december 1969. the method employed were formalin-ether and flotation method in 3,510 for the prevalence rate of intestinal helminthes(ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm, trichocephalus trichiurus, trichostrongylus orientalis). the following results were obtained: the positive rate of intestinal helminthes of total was 65.4 percent among 3,510 persons. t ...197012913624
[a study on fecal blood loss associated with ancylostoma duodenale, necator americanus and trichostrongylus orientalis infections]. 196113861976
[epidemiological observations on ancylostoma duodenale, necator americanus and trichostrongylus orientalis infestations in niigata prefecture, japan]. 196114457862
on the egg discrimination, larval culture and infection course of trichostrongylus orientalis. 194818885923
review of zoonotic parasites in medical and veterinary fields in the republic of korea.zoonotic parasites are animal parasites that can infect humans. the major zoonotic protozoa in the republic of korea are babesia bovis, chilomastix mesnili, cryptosporidium parvum, endolimax nana, entamoeba coli, entamoeba hitolytica, giardia lamblia, iodamoeba bütschlii, pneumocystis carinii, sarcocystis cruzi, and toxoplasma gondii. the major zoonotic helminths in korea include trematodes, cestodes, and nematodes. trematodes are clonorchis sinensis, echinostoma hortense, echinostoma spp., fasc ...200919885329
production of monoclonal antibody against toxocara cati second-stage larvae and its application for the detection of circulating antigens.toxocariasis is an important zoonotic disease caused by the second-stage larvae of toxocara species. human toxocariasis is usually diagnosed by serological methods. we prepared monoclonal antibody specific for toxocara cati (t. cati) and performed the following experiments using this antibody to increase the sensitivity of our capture elisa for antigen detection. the isotype of monoclonal antibody was igg3. using this monoclonal antibody, a capture elisa was developed. the produced monoclonal an ...201020568996
prevalence of clonorchis sinensis infections along the five major rivers in republic of korea, 2007.the prevalence of clonorchis sinensis infection was investigated among residents of the five major river basins, that is, hangang, nakdonggang, seomjingang, yeongsangang, and geumgang river basins in korea.201024159439
[study on the status of helminthic infections in koreans]this study was undertaken to evaluate the present status of intestinal helminthic infections in koreans, from april 1967 through may 1969. the nationwidely collected stool specimens and scotch-tape anal swabs from primary schoolchildren, middle school students, draftees to army recruitment camp, soldiers and inhabitants of various parts of korea were examined. the methods employed were kato's cellophane thick smear technique and formalin-ether sedimentation technique in 40,581 for the prevalence ...196912913542
an evaluation of cellophane thick smear technique for mass stool evaluate the kato's cellophane thick smear techcique in detection ability of various helminth ova, authors examined 1,843 nationwidely collected stool specimens by the two methods, formalin-ether technique and cellophane thick smear technique. and the results were analyzed. 1. the positive rates of following helminth ova were superior in cellophane thick smear technique to those of formalin-ether technique: ascaris lumbricoides(62.3% : 51.1%), taenia species (1.5% : 0.9%). the difference in a ...196912913541
parasitologial studies of korean forces in south vietnam: ii. a comparative study on the incidences of intestinal parasites.a survey of intestinal parasites was performed in south vietnam. samples were collected from 717 vietnameses, 1,933 u.s. forces, 433 stool specimens of korean troops in south vietnam. and 114 of korean army patients in home land were also examined as a control. findings were discussed with others and summarized as follows: 1)a parasitic rate, incidence in general, was 44.8 %. 2)koreans in south vietnam showed 82.4 % of infection rate, vietnamese 64.6% and u.s. forces 26.1 %. korean home patients ...197012913523
[anthelminthic effectiveness of 2,3,5,6-tetrahydro 6-phenyl-imidazole (2,1-b) thiazole hydrochloride (=tetramisole) upon intestinal parasites]a single dose of tetramisole, 2.5 mg/kg body weight, was given to the infected cases of intestinal parasites. the number of cases were: ascaris lumbriocides 96, hookworm 16, trichostrongylus orientalis 10, trichocephalus trichiurus 114 and clonorchis sinensis 19. no dietary restriction before and after the administration of tetramisole was required. 1. in ascaris infection the egg negative conversion rate and the egg reduction rate were 92.7 per cent and 99.5 per cent, respectively. 2. in tricho ...197012913513
status of intestinal parasitic infections in a remote island, yondo, jeonranam-do: province.this study was performed to observe the present status of intestinal parasitic infections in a remote island, yondo, located in southern part of jeonranam-do(province), korea. in february and may 1988, total 1,011 individual stool samples were collected and examined for intestinal helminths and protozoa using formalin-ether centrifugal sedimentation technique. the results are summarized as follows: of 1,011 ingabitants examined, 398(39.4%) were positive for intestinal parasites. helminth positiv ...198812811041
effect of oxantel/pyrantel pamoate tablets against intestinal nematodes in korea.a total of 48 subjects harbouring trichuris trichiura, ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm and/or enterobius vermicularis were treated with oxantel/pyrantel pamoate tablets (100 mg of each) in a single dose of 20 mg base per kg of body weight. in all 37 cases of a. lumbricoides and 8 cases of a. duodenale infections cured completely, and the mean recovered worm-load was 3.8 with a range of 1-21 and 5.8 with a range of 3-9 respectively. in t. trichiura infection, 32(71.1%) of 45 cases cured completely ...197812902779
infection of the porcupine (histrix indica) with trichostrongylus orientalis in the caspian sea area, iran. 19725057227
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