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ovadendron sulphureo-ochraceum endophthalmitis after cataract surgery.we examined an 82-year-old woman with delayed-onset endophthalmitis caused by an opportunistic pathogen, ovadendron sulphureo-ochraceum.19957872391
novel microbial lipases: catalytic activity in reactions in organic media.2,000 microbial strains were isolated from soil samples and tested to determine their lipolytic activity by employing screening techniques on solid and in liquid media. culture broths were initially tested with 1,2-o-dilauryl-rac-glycero-3-glutaric acid-resorufinyl ester, a chromogenic substrate specific for lipases. fourteen lipase-producing microorganisms were selected and their taxonomic identification was carried out. hydrolysis of tributyrin or olive oil and the esterification of oleic acid ...200111166805
general characterization of noncommercial microbial lipases in hydrolytic and synthetic reactions.fourteen noncommercial preparations of microbial lipases were investigated with respect to their catalytic activity for hydrolysis and synthesis of ester bonds. six of the lipases were derived from microorganisms that have not previously been described as lipase producers, and another four were characterized for the first time. the synthetic reactions were carried out in two solvents of different polarities (n-heptane and acetone) using a series of fatty acids and primary and secondary alcohols ...200515767695
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