enteric coccidia of cashmere goats in southwestern montana, usa.a survey of enteric coccidia was made in a cashmere goat herd in montana, usa. eimerian oocysts were found in 97.2% of 616 fecal samples. newly weaned wethers and does had higher oocyst counts than yearling wethers. nine eimeria species were identified, with eimeria arloingi, eimeria ninakohlyakimovae and eimeria alijevi jointly comprising 88.3% of all oocysts recovered. these three species and eimeria hirci were present in all specimens examined. prevalence of the other species was as follows: ...19947886912
high prevalence of eimeria infection in dairy goats in shaanxi province, northwestern china.abstact: a survey of dairy goats for infection with eimeria species of coccidia was conducted in the shaanxi province, northwestern china between december and november 2010, including saanen and guanzhong breeds. a total of 584 fecal samples (250 and 334 from saanen and guanzhong dairy goats, respectively) in six farms were collected. eimeria oocysts were seen in 568 (97.3%) fecal samples, with six species, namely eimeria jolchijevi, eimeria arloingi, eimeria alijevi, eimeria caprina, eimeria hi ...201122057552
coccidial and helminth infections in goats kept indoors in the investigation was carried out on coccidial and helminth infections in goats kept indoors on five farms in the netherlands. the goats were individually sampled. coccidial oocysts were identified and nematode eggs counted. larval cultures were made and infective larvae identified to the generic or species level. the goats were divided into three groups according to their age: kids, those weaned but not served, and older goats. oocysts were found in 26 out of 27 kids (96.3%), in 52 out of 55 wea ...19968720569
influence of climatic and management factors on eimeria infections in goats from semi-arid zones.a survey of eimeria infections was performed in dairy goats and kids (<6 months old) of six farms from a dry desert area of gran canaria island (spain). the number of oocysts per gram of faeces (opg) was determined by a modified mcmaster technique over a total of 2,616 individual faecal samples taken from the rectum in monthly intervals. eimeria oocysts were found in 96.1% of the samples with opg ranging from 1 x 10(2) to 1.4 x 10(6). kid goats had significantly (p < 0.001) higher opg counts (46 ...200617010046
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