visceral helminths of wild boars (sus scrofa leucomystax) in japan, with special reference to a new species of the genus morgascaridia inglis, 1958 (nematoda: schneidernematidae).twenty-nine japanese wild boars (sus scrofa leucomystax), collected during the hunting seasons of 2005 and 2006 in the western part of the mainland of japan (honshu), were examined for their visceral helminths. eighteen helminth parasites were prevalent in them, including 17 nematoda species (metastrongylus elongatus, metastrongylus salmi, metastrongylus asymmetricus, metastrongylus pudendotechus, stephanurus dentatus, gnathostoma doloresi, physocephalus sexulata, ascarops strongylina, capillari ...200818328113
nematode parasite infections of domestic pigs in a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india.fourteen hundred and ninety-six domestic pigs, sus scrofa domestica l., from a sub-tropical and high-rainfall area of india were examined over a period of 18 months to ascertain their nematode parasite spectrum. the eleven species recovered, arranged in descending order of prevalence, are as follows: ascaris suum, oesophagostomum dentatum, bourgelatia diducta, stephanurus dentatus, globocephalus connorfilii, physocephalus sexalutus, ascarops dentata, a. strongylina, pseudocruzia orientalis, seta ...19892787072
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