[ultrastructure of goose intestinal epithelial cells infected with eimeria kotlani].the ultrastructure of goose intestinal epithelial cells infected with various stages of e. kotlani has been described. no changes in the ultrastructure of the nucleus and cytoplasm were detected in cells, containing asexual stages. damage of host cell structures, except golgi complex, was not observed until gamogenesis. it is suggested that these changes are caused by the intensive "exploitation" of differentiated epithelial cells by large coccidian stages (macro- and microgametocytes). it is co ...1979432966
[ultra-fine organization of the goose coccidium eimeria kotlani. i. intranuclear development of macrogametes].the ultrastructure of the macrogamete stage of eimeria kotlani has been studied. the peculiarity of this eimerian parasite is that its development procedes within the host cell nucleus. the ultrastructure of the macrogamete of e. kotlani has much in common with that of other eimerians that are localized in the host cell cytoplasm. the differences noticed concern, first of all, the structural organization of wall forming bodies of both types (wf-1, wf-2). the wf-1 are originally arranged around t ...1977883025
[ultrastructure of eimeria kotlani]. 19761023496
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