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Immunization of chukar partridges against coccidia (Eimeria kofoidi and Eimeria legionensis) with low doses of live oocysts.Experiments were conducted to determine whether chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar) chicks would develop protective immunity after inoculation with coccidia. Young chukar chicks in battery cages inoculated with 100 or more oocysts of Eimeria kofoidi or Eimeria legionensis had significant protection at challenge 4 wk later, as measured by greatly reduced oocyst shedding and improved weight gain as compared with unvaccinated, challenged controls. However, when birds were housed in litter pens and ...201122017029
Eimeria involved in a case of coccidiosis in farmed red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) in France: oocyst isolation and gross lesion description after experimental infection.The aim of the present work was, after a coccidiosis outbreak in a farm rearing red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) in Brittany (France), to identify the Eimeria species and describe gross lesions induced by three of them (Eimeria kofoidi, Eimeria caucasica and Eimeria legionensis) after experimental infection. E. kofoidi oocysts measured 19.3 µm × 16.3 µm on average; neither micropyle nor oocyst residuum were present, but one, two or more small polar granules were visible. After inoculation ...201121854299
[coccidia and coccidiosis in the rock partridge, alectoris graeca cypriates. i. coccidian species, systematics and morphological characteristics and the seasonal and age-related dynamics].a total of 6,375 samples were taken from rock partridges of the alektoris graeca cypriates species. coccidia were found in 1,437 of them. in forty-three per cent of the cases the parasites belonged to eimeria kofoidi, in 29.2 per cent--to e. procera, in 12 per cent--to e. cotornicis, in 6.9 per cent--to e. phasiani, and in 9.7 per cent--to e. tenella. most often a mixed infection of several species was established. most pathogenic and most widely occurring proved the e. kofoidi species. highest ...1976822568
[eimeria tenella studies in quails and eimeria kofoidi studies in chickens].studies on two types of coccidiosis e. tenella isolated from diseased chickens and e. kofidi isolated from diseased young quails were carried out. ten 14 day-old quails of the species alektor is graeca cypriatis and thirty 10-, 20-and 30 day-old chickens of the white plymuth breed were used. by cross invasion of sporulated oocysts of both coccidia types the shizogonal development in non-specific host birds was observed. it was established that e. tenella finds suitable conditions for an endogeni ...1979532091
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