[morphological differences between bolbosoma turbinella (diesing, 1851) (fam. polymorphidae) acanthocephala from the north and south hemispheres]. 19725086334
first report of the acanthocephalan, bolbosoma vasculosum (rudolphi, 1819), from the pigmy sperm whale, kogia breviceps. 19715133890
acanthocephalan, probably bolbosoma, from the peritoneal cavity of man in immature female acanthocephalan in a tumor on the serosa over the ileum of a 16-year-old boy in kagoshima, japan, was identified as probably a species of bolbosoma. this is the second such case to be reported.19836625055
the first case of a human infected with an acanthocephalan parasite, bolbosoma sp. 19836827437
helminths of the spotted seal, phoca largha, from the bering sea.fifty-five spotted seals, phoca largha, from the seasonal pack ice of the bering sea were examined for helminth parasites. twelve species of helminths were found: anophryocephalus ochotensis, diplogonoporus tetrapterus, diphyllobothrium cordatum, phocanema decipiens, contracaecum osculatum, dipetalonema spirocauda, phocitrema fusiforme, corynosoma semerme, c. strumosum, c. validum, c. villosum, and bolbosoma sp. six species are new host records (a. ochotensis, d. tetrapterus, d. cordatum, d. spi ...19827097871
macroparasites in cetaceans stranded on the northwestern spanish atlantic extensive parasitological survey was carried out during autopsy of 80 cetaceans representing 8 species within 4 families (delphinus delphis, stenella coeruleoalba, tursiops truncatus, grampus griseus, globicephala melas, kogia breviceps, phocoena phocoena and megaptera novaeangliae) collected on the northwestern spanish atlantic coast from february 1991 to october 1996. two species of tetraphyllidean cestodes (phyllobothrium delphini and monorygma grimaldii), 2 ascaridoid nematodes (anisakis ...19989676247
cystacanths of bolbosoma vasculosum in the black scabbard fish aphanopus carbo, oceanic horse mackerel trachurus picturatus and common dolphin delphinus delphis from madeira, portugal.cystacanths of the acanthocephalan, bolbosoma vasculosum rudolphi 1819, were found to be encapsulated in the connective tissues of the viscera of the black scabbard fish, aphanopus carbo and oceanic horse mackerel, trachurus picturatusfrom madeira, atlantic ocean. juvenile worms were obtained from the intestine of a stranded common dolphin, delphinus delphis, also from madeira. cystacanths were 11-15 mm long, with a proboscis of 18-19 longitudinal rows, eight hooks per row, and two sets of trunk ...200010881281
prey, parasites and pathology associated with the mortality of a juvenile gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) stranded along the northern california eastern pacific gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) stranded off pelican point, tomales bay, california, usa, was examined for physiological parameters, prey, parasites and associated pathology. the whale was emaciated, and hematological examination revealed an elevation in hematocrit, serum sodium, potassium, electrolyte values and hypoglycemia. parasites recovered included 5 species, 1 ectoparasite (cyamus scammoni), and 4 helminths (anisakis simplex, ogmogaster antarcticus, ogmogaster penta ...200011023250
gastrointestinal parasites and prey items from a mass stranding of false killer whales, pseudorca crassidens, in rio grande do sul, southern brazil.the gastrointestinal tract of 14 false killer whales, 6 males and 8 females, stranded in june 1995 in southern brazil, with total standard lengths from 338 to 507 cm, were analysed for endoparasites and food items. a pregnant female had a male foetus of 77.5 cm. parasites were found in all 14 false killer whales. the nematode anisakis simplex (rudolphi, 1809) was found in the stomach of 57% of the animals and the acanthocephalan bolbosoma capitatum (linstow, 1889) porta, 1908 was present in the ...200111340462
[contribution to the knowledge of the genus bolbosoma porta, 1908 (palaeacanthocephala, polymorphidae)]. 196414275360
gastrointestinal helminths of cuvier's beaked whales, ziphius cavirostris, from the western mediterranean.we examined the gastrointestinal helminth fauna of 2 cuvier's beaked whales, ziphius cavirostris, stranded on the spanish mediterranean coast. information regarding intestinal parasites of this species is provided for the first time. six helminth taxa were identified. thirty type ii larvae of the nematode anisakis sp. were found in the stomach and the intestine of both hosts; 2 type i larvae of anisakis sp. were found in the intestine of 1 host. one juvenile of the acanthocephalan bolbosoma vasc ...200415165073
[the parasite fauna of the chub mackerel (scombridae: scomber japonicus houttuyn, 1782) in the central-eastern atlantic (atlantic coast of the northern africa and the azores archipelago banks)].the parasite fauna of the chub mackerel scomber japonicus houtuym, 1782 was studied from the neritic areas of morocco, western sahara, mauritania and from the banks of the azores archipelago (the great meteor bank, the hyeres bank and the irving bank) in 1994-2001. twenty eight species of parasites of following group have been were found: coccidia (1 species), microsporidia (1), myxosporea (4), monogenea (4), cestoda (5), trematoda (5), acanthocephala (1) and nematoda (6). the differences betwee ...200415174392
infection status with helminthes in feral cats purchased from a market in busan, republic of korea.the present study was performed to investigate the infection status with helminth in a group of feral cats in korea. more than 29 helminth species including adults or eggs were detected in visceral and fecal samples of the examined cats. among these were a host of nematodes, including toxocarids, ancylostoma sp. and the larva of anisakis simplex; trematodes, including clonorchis sinensis, paragonimus westermani, eurytrema pancreaticum, pharyngostomum cordatum, metagonimus spp., heterophyes nocen ...200516192750
helminth component community of the loggerhead sea turtle, caretta caretta, from madeira archipelago, portugal.the helminth fauna of pelagic-stage loggerhead sea turtles, caretta caretta, is still poorly known. here, we describe the helminth-component community of healthy, free-ranging juvenile loggerhead sea turtles captured in the waters around madeira island, portugal. fifty-seven were used in this study. the esophagus, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, trachea, bronchi, urinary bladder, heart, left and right aortas, and coelomic cavity were macroscopically inspected; organs and ...200918576835
hookworms (uncinaria lucasi) and acanthocephalans (corynosoma spp. and bolbosoma spp.) found in dead northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus) on st. paul island, alaska in 2007.intestines of dead northern fur seals (callorhinus ursinus) on st. paul island (spi), alaska were inspected for specific internal parasites (hookworms and acanthocephalans) in july and august, 2007. pups (n=64) were examined for adult hookworms (uncinaria lucasi) and four (6.25%) were infected. the number of specimens per infected pup was 1, 2, 2, or 408. low prevalence was similar to that determined in the last investigation (2001) in dead fur seal pups on spi by two of the present authors (lyo ...200818587686
additional records of metazoan parasites from caribbean marine mammals, including genetically identified anisakid nematodes.studies of marine mammal parasites in the caribbean are scarce. an assessment for marine mammal endo- and ectoparasites from puerto rico and the virgin islands, but extending to other areas of the caribbean, was conducted between 1989 and 1994. the present study complements the latter and enhances identification of anisakid nematodes using molecular markers. parasites were collected from 59 carcasses of stranded cetaceans and manatees from 1994 to 2006, including globicephala macrorhynchus, kogi ...200919582477
metazoan parasites of cetaceans off the northeastern coast of brazil.this study represents the first survey of the parasitic fauna of cetaceans off the northeastern coast of brazil. parasites were collected from 82 animals rescued from the states of ceará to bahia, including the archipelago of fernando de noronha. a total of 14 species of cetaceans were evaluated: sotalia guianensis, stenella sp., stenella clymene, stenella longirostris, stenella coeruleoalba, stenella frontalis, megaptera novaeangliae, peponocephala electra, steno bredanensis, kogia breviceps, k ...201020638793
molecular phylogeny of the acanthocephala (class palaeacanthocephala) with a paraphyletic assemblage of the orders polymorphida and echinorhynchida.acanthocephalans are attractive candidates as model organisms for studying the ecology and co-evolutionary history of parasitic life cycles in the marine ecosystem. adding to earlier molecular analyses of this taxon, a total of 36 acanthocephalans belonging to the classes archiacanthocephala (3 species), eoacanthocephala (3 species), palaeacanthocephala (29 species), polyacanthocephala (1 species) and rotifera as outgroup (3 species) were analyzed by using bayesian inference and maximum likeliho ...201122163005
Helminth parasites of the oceanic horse mackerel Trachurus picturatus Bowdich 1825 (Pisces: Carangidae) from Madeira Island, Atlantic Ocean, Portugal.The helminth parasite fauna of the oceanic horse mackerel Trachurus picturatus Bowdich 1825, caught off the Madeira Islands was composed of six different taxa. Prevalence and abundance of larval Anisakis sp. (Nematoda: Anisakidae) and Nybelinia lingualis (Trypanorhyncha: Tentaculariidae), the most common parasite taxa, were 24.3%, 0.9 and 37.9%, 0.7, respectively. Bolbosoma vasculosum (Acanthocephala: Polymorphidae) and the monogeneans Heteraxinoides atlanticus (Monogenea: Heteraxinidae) and Pse ...201121875447
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