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helminth species diversity and biology in the bobcat, lynx rufus (schreber), from nebraska.cestodes of 4 species and nematodes of 9 species were collected from 75 bobcats, lynx rufus (schreber), in nebraska from 1977 to 1979. of these 75, 11 were trapped from 6 border counties in 3 border states: south dakota, 7 carcasses/3 counties; kansas, 3/2; and wyoming, 1/1. helminths recovered included: mesocestoides corti hoeppli, 1925 (15% prevalence), taenia rileyi loewen, 1929 (67%), taenia pisiformis (bloch, 1780) gmelin, 1790 (27%), taenia macrocystis (diesing, 1850) lühe, 1910 (19%), phy ...19853998960
endoparasites and selected infectious agents in bobcats (felis rufus) from west virginia and georgia.a total of 143 bobcats (felis rufus) from west virginia and 10 bobcats from georgia was examined for parasites and selected infectious agents. a total of 31 species of parasites was recovered including 1 protozoan, 1 trematode, 4 cestodes, 1 acanthocephalan and 24 nematodes. results indicate bobcats are important definitive hosts for sarcocystis sp. and toxoplasma gondii. thirteen species (paragonimus kellicotti, spirometra mansonoides, taenia macrocystis, t. rileyi, capillaria putorii, toxascar ...19816802988
tapeworms of the chaco boreal, paraguay, with two new species.mathevotaenia paraguayae sp. n. is described from euphractus sexcinctus. it differs from m. didelphidis (rud.) in having a transverse cirrus pouch anterior to the vagina. monoecocestus mackiewiczi sp. n. was found in phyllotis sp. it differs from m. parcitesticulatus rego in having a much smaller scolex, a poral ovary, and a cirrus pouch 360 to 440 micrometers long. other species reported are taenia macrocystis, taenia omissa, spirometra mansonoides, spirometra gracilis, spirometra longicollis, ...1978722040
taenia macrocystis (diesing, 1850), its occurrence in eastern canada and maine, u.s.a., and its life cycle in wild felines (lynx rufus and l. canadensis) and hares (lepus americanus). 19705503028
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