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the parasite community infecting flounders, platichthys flesus, in the tidal thames.the composition of the parasite fauna of the flounder, platichthys flesus, retrieved from two locations in the tidal thames is described in detail for the first time. the combined parasite species list of the flounders from lots road in the upper tideway and west thurrock in the middle tideway consisted of one protozoan (glugea stephani), one monogenean (gyrodactylus sp.), four larval digeneans (cryptocotyle concava, timoniella imbutiforme, t. praeterita, and labratrema minimus), five adult dige ...199910526412
taxonomic structure of digenea in wild ducks (anatinae) from west pomerania.parasitic fauna of birds connected with water environment, including digeneans, is relatively well researched in poland. the exception, however, is west pomerania, where those birds were not frequent objects of parasitological research until recently. the purpose of this work is to determine the taxonomic structure of the digenea, parasitising wild ducks living in west pomerania. the research material was 124 individuals of wild anatinae (anseriformes) belonging to 8 species: anas strepera, a. c ...200818702318
[digenea in melanitta fusca and m. nigra (mergini, anseriformes) from the baltic sea].ten individuals of melanitta fusca and m. nigra (mergini, anseriformes) each, wintering at the polish baltic coast, were examined for the presence of parasites. m. fusca yielded a total of 197 helminths, including 20 digeneans and 177 nematodes. the m. nigra individuals examined were found to support 923 helminths, including 62 digeneans, 860 nematodes, and a single cestode. m. fusca were hosts to the digeneans: cryptocotyle concava, notocotylus attenuatus and psilostomum brevicolle. digenea fou ...200818702322
[intestinal digeneans of gavia stellata (pontoppidan, 1763) and gavia arctica (linnaeus, 1758) from west pomerania, poland].in 2000 and 2006 a total of 20 divers including 15 gavia stellata and 5 gavia artica from pomeranian bay and szczecin lagoon were examined. g. stellata were found to be infected with 3 digenean species: stephanoprora pseudoechinata (olsson, 1876), cryptocotyle concava (creplin, 1825) and diplostomum gavium (guberlet, 1922). g. arctica were host to echinochasmus spinulosus (rudolphi, 1809). this is the first record of stephanoprora pseudoechinata in g. stellata and echinochasmus spinulosus in g. ...200819338230
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