[notes to the hare-whipworm trichuris leporis (zeder, 1803) (author's transl)].in this study of the whipworm trichuris leporis (zeder, 1803) mistakes, which were made in the literature of this kind in the course of time, have been pointed out and put right. the first that gave this species its name was zeder and not froehlich. trichuris sylvilagi tiner, 1950 is a synonym of trichuris leporis (zeder, 1803). the description of the species trichuris leporis which was given by tiner (1905) refers to another species for which the name trichuris tineri is suggested.1978706551
evaluation of host preferences by helminths and ectoparasites among black-tailed jackrabbits in northern california.fifty-four black-tailed jackrabbits (lepus californicus) (five juvenile males, 22 adult males, five juvenile females, and 22 adult females) from humboldt county, california (usa) were evaluated for sex and age-specific differences in parasite prevalences and intensities, 26 february through 30 october 1996. nematodes found included biogastranema leporis in 42 hares (78% prevalence), rauschia triangularis in 26 hares (48%), trichostrongylus calcaratus in 14 hares (26%), and trichuris sylvilagi in ...200010941744
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