microfilaria bolivarensis: a new species of filaria from man in unsheathed microfilaria, unlike any other already described from man, was found in thick blood smears and knott samples taken from amerinds living along the upper caura river in bolivar state, venezuela. the mirofilaria, which measures 256 x 7-8 micrometers in thick blood smears and 300 x 8 micrometers in knott samples, is easily differentiated morphologically from mansonella ozzardi with which it often occurs concomitantly. it is readily differentiated, on morphological criteria, from all ot ...19807406105
onchocerciasis in venezuela: prevalence of microfilaraemia in amerindians and morphological characteristics of the microfilariae from the upper orinoco are presented on microfilaraemia in 191 yanomami amerindians from two areas of venezuela's upper orinoco basin, where an endemic focus of onchocerciasis has been recently detected. onchocerca microfilariae were found in the blood of 12.6% of the persons examined. in the village with the higher number of examined individuals (n = 162), the prevalence of microfilaraemia in the age groups covaried with the prevalence of microfilariae in the skin and with the parasite load (mf/mg of skin). a po ...19846495385
zoonotic filariasis.filariae of animals, especially those of mammals, often infect humans and typically produce cryptic infections. these "zoonotic" infections have been reported from virtually all parts of the world including temperate zones. infections may be symptomatic or not, and the parasites are found in surgical tissue biopsy specimens or, more rarely, are removed intact from superficial sites such as the orbit or conjuctivae. typically, these worms tend to occupy tissue sites similar to those occupied in t ...19989564568
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