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the valuation of antisyphilitic substances by prophylactic and therapeutic tests in animals experimentally infected with spirillum minus. 193021773461
prolonged maintenance of spirochetes and filtrable viruses in the frozen state.1. observations are reported on the virulence of various types of spirochetes and filtrable viruses after storage at - 787deg;c. for periods up to 3 years. 2. five specimens of treponema pallidum belonging to 4 different strains, and 7 specimens of t. pertenue belonging to 5 different strains were tested after storage for approximately 3 years. with one exception each specimen contained actively motile treponemes, and all specimens were highly pathogenic for rabbits. many other specimens of thes ...193919870935
spirillum minus treatment of g. p. i. 194720272639
rat bite fever caused by spirillum minus treated with penicillin; report of a case. 194818912486
antagonism of spirillum minus infection in rats towards trypanosoma lewisi and t. equinum. 195114863953
production of herxheimer-like reactions in rabbits with spirillum minus infections by administration of penicillin or immune serum. 195114878088
the susceptibility of spirillum minus and borrelia duttoni to streptomycin and penicillin. 195214944183
studies on spirillum minus infection; with particular reference to the passage of the organism through filters. 195514364477
prevention of borrelia duttonii, trypanosoma gambiense, spirillum minus and treponema pallidum infections conveyable through transfusion. 195813653844
[antagonism between trypanosoma cruzi and spirillum minus]. 196414237579
[sodoku--a case report].rat-bite fever results from an infection with the organism spirillum minus. the authors report a symptomatic patient with fever, malaise, and ulcer in forehead after a rodent exposure. the organism was identified in darkfield examination of the ulcer exudate. penicillin was the drug used with clinical improvement of symptoms.19921308939
rat bite fever: a case report of a kenyan.rat bite fever has not been reported from kenya previously. a case of 17 year old kenyan male who was diagnosed to have rat bite fever after a bite of domestic rat is described. the history, clinical features and demonstration of spirillum like organisms from a thick blood film suggest infection due to spirillum minus. the patient recovered completely after a course of penicillin and gentamicin.19921286642
the forgotten first career of doctor henry van dyke carter.while henry gray's anatomy: descriptive and surgical, first published in 1858, is distinguished by superb illustrations, its original illustrator is remembered for an entirely different set of accomplishments, notably significant contributions to tropical medicine.19957582216
rat-bite fever in children: case report and review.we report 2 cases of rat-bite fever (rbf), a multisystem zoonosis, in children and review the literature. rbf is caused by i of 2 gram-negative organisms: streptobacillus moniliformis or, less commonly, spirillum minus. both of our cases developed in school-aged girls with a history of rat exposure who presented with a multisystem illness consisting of fever, petechial and purpuric rash, arthralgia and polyarthritis. both responded promptly to antibiotic treatment. an additional 10 cases from a ...200212160180
spontaneous rat bite fever in non-human primates: a review of two cases.rat bite fever is a worldwide zoonotic, non-reportable disease. this entity encompasses similar, yet distinct, disease syndromes caused by streptobacillus moniliformis or spirillum minus. naturally occurring rat bite fever has not been previously described in non-human primates. this report describes two cases of non-human primate rat bite fever caused by s. moniliformis; a rhesus macaque (macaca mullata) with valvular endocarditis, and a titi monkey (callicebus sp.) with septic arthritis. poten ...200212519213
rat bite fever without fever.rat bite fever is a rarely reported acute febrile bacterial illness caused by streptobacillus moniliformis or spirillum minus following a rat bite. it is classically characterised by abrupt onset of fever with rigors, myalgias, headache, and the appearance of a generalised maculopapular petechial skin rash. polyarthritis complicates the course of the disease in up to 50% of infected patients, and numerous hurdles can make the diagnosis particularly difficult in the absence of fever or rash, as i ...200312922966
rat-bite fever septic arthritis: illustrative case and literature review.rat-bite fever is a rare zoonotic infection caused by streptobacillus moniliformis or spirillum minus, which is characterised by fever, rash and arthritis. the arthritis has previously been described as non-suppurative and isolation of the organism from synovial fluid as very uncommon. this article reports a case of septic arthritis diagnosed as rat-bite fever when the organism was cultured from synovial fluid and reviews another 15 cases of s. moniliformis septic arthritis reported in the world ...200617096137
rat bite fever.rat bite fever (rbf) is a bacterial zoonosis for which two causal bacterial species have been identified: streptobacillis moniliformis and spirillum minus. haverhill fever (hf) is a form of s. moniliformis infection believed to develop after ingestion of contaminated food or water. here the infectious agents, their host species, pathogenicity (virulence factors and host susceptibility), diagnostic methods, therapy, epidemiology, transmission and prevention are described. special emphasis is give ...200919008054
the rise of the rats: a growing paediatric issue.rat bite fever (rbf), a systemic infection of streptobacillus moniliformis or spirillum minus characterized by fever, arthralgias and petechial-purpuric rash on the extremities, carries a mortality rate of 7% to 10% if untreated. in canada, one adult and two paediatric cases of rbf have been reported since 2000. in recent years, pet rats have become quite popular among children, placing them at an increased risk for rbf. thus, paediatricians need to be more wary of the potential for rbf in their ...201021358889
streptobacillus moniliformis bacteremia in a rheumatoid arthritis patient without a rat bite: a case report.rat bite fever is a relatively rare infectious disease due to infection with streptobacillus moniliformis or spirillum minus mainly via directs bite by rats, mice, or other rodents. if there is no clear bite history, the diagnosis is difficult or may not be made.201526584844
rat-bite fever complicated by vertebral osteomyelitis: a case report.rat-bite fever (rbf) is a challenging diagnosis transmitted by the bite of the rats. we present the first reported case of rbf complicated by vertebral osteomyelitis. it is important to consider performing the mri to differentiate vertebral osteomyelitis from simple back pain to determine the appropriate duration of antibiotic therapy.201626948832
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