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A hierarchy of organisms and their parents. You can browse to specific organisms via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

mumps virus strain jeryl lynnno rankvirusesno rankviruses11168
mumps virus strain urabe vaccine am9no rankvirusesno rankviruses11175
newcastle disease virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11176
newcastle disease virus (strain las/46)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11184
newcastle disease virus miyadera/51no rankvirusesno rankviruses11185
sendai virus (strain 6/94)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11193
sendai virus (strain enders)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11194
hpiv-1 (human/washington/1957)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11211
human parainfluenza virus 2speciesvirusesspeciesviruses11212
human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain tex/545/80)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11219
human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain tex/9305/82)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11220
simian virus 41speciesvirusesspeciesviruses11228
morbillivirus  genusviruses11229
measles virus strain hu2no rankvirusesno rankviruses11238
measles virus strain yamagata-1no rankvirusesno rankviruses11239
phocine distemper virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11240
bovine respiratory syncytial virus atcc51908no rankvirusesno rankviruses11247
bovine respiratory syncytial virus (strain copenhagen)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11248
human respiratory syncytial virus (strain rsb6256)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11256
human respiratory syncytial virus (strain rsb6614)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11257
filoviridae  familyviruses11266
marburg marburgvirusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11269
vesicular stomatitis indiana virus strain glasgowno rankvirusesno rankviruses11278
vesicular stomatitis indiana virus strain mudd-summersno rankvirusesno rankviruses11279
lyssavirus  genusviruses11286
viral hemorrhagic septicemia virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11287
rabies virus erano rankvirusesno rankviruses11295
rabies virus hep-fluryno rankvirusesno rankviruses11296
nucleorhabdovirus  genusviruses11306
sonchus yellow net virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11307
influenza a virus (a/chicken/alabama/1/75(h4))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11338
influenza a virus (strain a/chicken/germany/n/49)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11339
influenza a virus (strain a/duck/new york/12/78)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11369
influenza a virus (a/dunedin/4/73(h3n2))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11375
influenza a virus (strain a/mallard/alberta/827/78)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11432
influenza a virus (a/mallard/astrakhan/244/1982(h14n6))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11433
influenza a virus (strain a/mynah/haneda-thai/76)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11444
influenza a virus (a/whale/maine/1/84(h13n9))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11484
influenza a virus (strain a/whale/pacific ocean/19/76)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11486
influenza b virus (strain b/beijing/1/87)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11525
influenza b virus (strain b/england/222/82)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11527
influenza b virus (strain b/leningrad/179/86)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11536
influenza b virus (strain b/maryland/59)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11537
influenza b virus (strain b/victoria/87)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11548
influenza b virus (b/yamagata/1/73)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11550
influenza c virus (c/pig/beijing/10/1981)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11564
influenza c virus (c/pig/beijing/439/1982)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11566
la crosse virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11577
la crosse virus l74no rankvirusesno rankviruses11578
rift valley fever virus (strain zh-548 m12)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11589
toscana virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11590
uukuniemi virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11591
hantavirus  genusviruses11598
hantaan virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11599
seoul virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11608
seoul virus sr11no rankvirusesno rankviruses11610
lassa mammarenavirusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11620
lassa virus ga391no rankvirusesno rankviruses11621
machupo mammarenavirusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11628
mopeia mammarenavirusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11629
pichinde mammarenavirusno rankvirusesno rankviruses2905917
simian foamy virus (type 3 / strain lk3)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11644
lentivirus  genusviruses11646
bovine immunodeficiency virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11657
caprine arthritis encephalitis virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11660
caprine arthritis encephalitis virus strain corkno rankvirusesno rankviruses11661
equine infectious anemia virus (clone p3.2-3)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11668
equine infectious anemia virus (clone p3.2-5)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11669
human immunodeficiency virus 1speciesvirusesspeciesviruses11676
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 bh10no rankvirusesno rankviruses11678
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (bru isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11686
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (cdc-451 isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11687
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (jh3 isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11694
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (ndk isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11695
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (mfa isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11704
human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (wmj2 isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11705
human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (isolate d194)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11713
human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (isolate ben)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11714
simian immunodeficiency virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11723
human t-cell lymphotropic virus type 4no rankvirusesno rankviruses11725
simian immunodeficiency virus (mm142-83 isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11733
simian immunodeficiency virus (mm251 isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11734
visna lentivirus (strain 1514 / clone lv1-1ks1)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11743
visna lentivirus (strain 1514 / clone lv1-1ks2)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11744
mouse intracisternal a-particle miail3no rankvirusesno rankviruses11754
mouse mammary tumor virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11757
feline endogenous virus rd114no rankvirusesno rankviruses11767
feline leukemia virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11768
feline sarcoma virus (strain mcdonough)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11778
feline sarcoma virus (strain sm)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11779
akt8 murine leukemia virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11790
akr (endogenous) murine leukemia virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11791
homulv murine leukemia virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11799
kirsten murine leukemia virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11800
moloney murine sarcoma virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11809
moloney murine sarcoma virus (strain ht-1)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11810
moloney murine sarcoma virus (strain m1)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11811
spleen focus-forming virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11819
friend spleen focus-forming virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11820
n-tropic ecotropic endogenous retrovirusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11833
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