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A hierarchy of organisms and their parents. You can browse to specific organisms via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

ulmeritoides sp. fr027no rank species 1921403
ulmeritoides sp. sc010no rank species 1921404
ulmeritoides sp. sc016no rank species 1921405
ulmeritoides sp. sc018no rank species 1921406
ulwembuagenus genus 1956941
unclassified ulwembuano rank no rank 2641437
ulwembua sp. cg31no rank species 1956942
unamisgenus genus 1950119
unclassified unamisno rank no rank 2631490
unamis sp. uam ento 152313no rank species 1950108
unamis sp. uam ento 152315no rank species 1950109
unamis sp. uam ento 152316no rank species 1950110
evoseaphylum phylum 2605435
acytosteliaceaefamily family 2058183
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2065333
uncultured acytosteliumspecies species 1961219
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2028224
uncultured antrodiellaspecies species 1920463
cavenderiaceaefamily family 2058184
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2065331
uncultured cavenderiaspecies species 2065332
chujaibactergenus genus 1931224
environmental samplesno rank no rank 1931226
uncultured chujaibacter sp.species species 1931227
cutibacteriumgenus genus 1912216
environmental samplesno rank no rank 1912222
uncultured cutibacterium sp.species species 1912223
environmental samplesno rank no rank 1914236
uncultured fimbriiglobus sp.species species 1914237
environmental samplesno rank no rank 1914238
uncultured gemmataceae bacteriumspecies species 1914239
raperosteliaceaefamily family 2058186
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2065336
uncultured hagiwaraeaspecies species 2065339
uncultured heterosteliumspecies species 2065335
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2021988
uncultured mucoromycotaspecies species 2021989
mycenaceaefamily family 2024004
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2024008
uncultured mycenaceaespecies species 2024009
dictyosteliaceaefamily family 2058185
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2065341
uncultured polysphondyliumspecies species 1961220
uncultured raperosteliumspecies species 2065340
densosporaceaefamily family 2052797
environmental samplesno rank no rank 2219780
uncultured sphaerocreasspecies species 1967939
uncultured tieghemosteliumspecies species 2065337
urodiaspisgenus genus 2664792
unclassified urodiaspisno rank no rank 2664793
urodiaspis sp. bmnh 1427368no rank species 2664794
uroseiusgenus genus 2447752
unclassified uroseiusno rank no rank 2674699
uroseius sp. bioug21977-c11no rank species 2447753
uroseius sp. bioug21977-c12no rank species 2447754
uroseius sp. bioug25548-d12no rank species 2447755
uroseius sp. bold:acj3365no rank species 2679855
uroseius sp. mitepar-0085no rank species 2447756
uroseius sp. mitepar-0087no rank species 2447757
uroseius sp. ua-nst313-a-1no rank species 2570981
uroseius sp. ua-nst313-a-3no rank species 2570980
uru chuvirusspecies species 2663722
potaliinaesubtribe subtribe 2546023
utaniagenus genus 2048491
unclassified utaniano rank no rank 2642263
utania sp. jh-2017no rank species 2048492
diplostomidaorder order 2717078
uvulifer sp. dihm-2017no rank species 2015738
uvulifer sp. lineage 1no rank species 2045456
uvulifer sp. lineage 2no rank species 2045457
uvulifer sp. lineage 3no rank species 2045458
vampirococcusgenus genus 1930592
unclassified vampirococcusno rank no rank 2635552
vampirococcus sp. limno rank species 1930593
varroa mite associated genomovirus 1species species 2077299
okadaiidaefamily family 2049558
vayssiereagenus genus 2049559
unclassified vayssiereano rank no rank 2646031
vayssierea sp. casiz190731no rank species 2049560
verutusgenus genus 2055754
unclassified verutusno rank no rank 2617855
verutus sp. sas-2017no rank species 2055755
vespa velutina associated triato-like virusspecies species 2675467
veterinary pathology zurich virus 1species species 2447921
veterinary pathology zurich virus 2species species 2447923
vibrio phage 1.204.o._10n.222.46.f12species species 1881263
vibrio phage 2 tsl-2019species species 2508172
vibrio phage 5 tsl-2019species species 2578086
ermolyevavirinaesubfamily subfamily 2732012
cetovirusgenus genus 2560112
unclassified cetovirusno rank no rank 2571008
vibrio phage achelousspecies species 2576872
vibrio virus aphrodite1species species 2560831
vibrio phage aphrodite1no rank no rank 2070057
vibrio phage brizospecies species 2590896
vibrio virus cetospecies species 2060092
vibrio phage cetono rank no rank 2570300
vibrio phage chazly21species species 2712960
vibrio phage chesterspecies species 2712961
vibrio phage cilsickspecies species 2712962
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