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A hierarchy of organisms and their parents. You can browse to specific organisms via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

mammalian orthoreovirus 1 langno rankvirusesno rankviruses10884
mammalian orthoreovirus 2 d5/jonesno rankvirusesno rankviruses10885
african horse sickness virus 9no rankvirusesno rankviruses10897
bluetongue virus (serotype 10 / american isolate)no rankvirusesno rankviruses10900
coltivirus  genusviruses10911
rotavirus  genusviruses10912
porcine rotavirusno rankvirusesno rankviruses10913
porcine rotavirus strain gottfriedno rankvirusesno rankviruses10917
porcine rotavirus (strain k)no rankvirusesno rankviruses10918
bovine rotavirusno rankvirusesno rankviruses10927
bovine rotavirus strain b641/g6no rankvirusesno rankviruses10928
bovine rotavirus (serotype 6 / strain 61a)no rankvirusesno rankviruses10929
equine rotavirus strain h-2no rankvirusesno rankviruses10939
human rotavirus ano rankvirusesno rankviruses10941
human rotavirus (serotype g / strain b37)no rankvirusesno rankviruses10949
human rotavirus serotype 1 / strain m37no rankvirusesno rankviruses10954
human rotavirus strain mcn13no rankvirusesno rankviruses10955
human rotavirus (serotype 2 / strain s2)no rankvirusesno rankviruses10959
human rotavirus g4 strain st. thomas 3no rankvirusesno rankviruses10960
rotavirus rankvirusesspeciesviruses10970
rotavirus subgroup 2no rankvirusesno rankviruses10971
wound tumor virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses10987
fijivirus  genusviruses10988
infectious bursal disease virus stcno rankvirusesno rankviruses11001
infectious pancreatic necrosis virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11002
ustilago maydis virus p6no rankvirusesspeciesviruses11010
giardiavirus  genusviruses11011
eastern equine encephalitis virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11021
eastern equine encephalitis virus (strain va33[ten broeck])no rankvirusesno rankviruses11022
ross river virus (strain nb5092)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11031
ross river virus (strain t48)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11032
rubella virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11041
rubella virus strain m33no rankvirusesno rankviruses11043
flaviviridae  familyviruses11050
dengue virus 1 jamaica/cv1636/1977no rankvirusesno rankviruses11058
dengue virus 1 nauru/west pac/1974no rankvirusesno rankviruses11059
dengue virus 2 tonga/ekb194/1974no rankvirusesno rankviruses11067
dengue virus 2 thailand/puo-218/1980no rankvirusesno rankviruses11068
japanese encephalitis virus strain jaoars982no rankvirusesno rankviruses11075
japanese encephalitis virus strain nakayamano rankvirusesno rankviruses11076
kunjin virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11077
tick-borne encephalitis virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11084
langat virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11085
yellow fever virus 17dno rankvirusesno rankviruses11090
classical swine fever virus - bresciano rankvirusesno rankviruses11098
bovine viral diarrhea virus 1speciesvirusesspeciesviruses11099
hepatitis c virus (isolate ec10)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11106
hepatitis c virus (isolate ec1)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11107
hepatitis c virus hc-j2no rankvirusesno rankviruses11111
hepatitis c virus hc-j5no rankvirusesno rankviruses11112
infectious bronchitis virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11120
avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain 6/82)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11121
avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain d3896)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11125
avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain kb8523)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11126
bovine coronavirus strain quebecno rankvirusesno rankviruses11133
bovine coronavirus strain vaccineno rankvirusesno rankviruses11134
murine hepatitis virus strain jhmno rankvirusesno rankviruses11144
murine hepatitis virus strain sno rankvirusesno rankviruses11145
transmissible gastroenteritis virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11149
porcine transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus strain fs772/70no rankvirusesno rankviruses11150
mumps virus strain edinburgh 6no rankvirusesno rankviruses11164
mumps virus strain matsuyamano rankvirusesno rankviruses11165
mumps virus strain sbl-1no rankvirusesno rankviruses11173
mumps virus strain takahashino rankvirusesno rankviruses11174
newcastle disease virus strain queensland/66no rankvirusesno rankviruses11186
newcastle disease virus strain her/33no rankvirusesno rankviruses11187
sendai virus (strain fushimi)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11195
sendai virus (strain harris)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11196
simian virus 5 (strain w3)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11208
human parainfluenza virus 1 (c39)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11210
human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain nih 47885)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11217
human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain aus/124854/74)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11218
human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain wash/1511/73)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11223
canine distemper virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11232
canine distemper virus strain onderstepoortno rankvirusesno rankviruses11233
rinderpest virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11241
pneumovirus  genusviruses11245
bovine respiratory syncytial virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11246
human respiratory syncytial virus (strain rsb5857)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11254
human respiratory syncytial virus (strain rsb6190)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11255
murine pneumonia virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11263
turkey rhinotracheitis virusno rankvirusesno rankviruses11264
piry virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11274
vesicular stomatitis virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11276
vesicular stomatitis new jersey virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11280
vesicular stomatitis virus (serotype new jersey / strain hazelhurst)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11281
viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus 07-71no rankvirusesno rankviruses11288
viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus strain makahno rankvirusesno rankviruses11289
rabies virus pmno rankvirusesno rankviruses11297
rabies virus nishigahara rcehno rankvirusesno rankviruses11298
orthomyxoviridae  familyviruses11308
unidentified influenza virusspeciesvirusesspeciesviruses11309
influenza a virus (a/chicken/japan/24(h7n7))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11340
influenza a virus (strain a/duck/hokkaido/5/77)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11357
influenza a virus (strain a/equine/tokyo/71)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11418
influenza a virus (a/mallard/alberta/88/76(h3n8))no rankvirusesno rankviruses11430
influenza a virus (strain a/shearwater/australia/75)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11462
influenza a virus (strain a/victoria/5/68)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11482
influenza a virus (strain a/swine/germany/2/81)no rankvirusesno rankviruses11495
influenza a virus (a/swine/hong kong/126/82(h3n2)) virusesno rankviruses11498
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