Organism Interactions

We distinguish between carrier and cargo organisms. Carriers correspond to vectors or hosts whereas cargos correspond to potential pathogen, parasite, commensal etc.. This page shows the interactions between carriers and cargos plus potential evidence from the nucleotide database and/or pubmed. Please note that organism can interact with each other indirectly/recursively via their children. To obtain this information please navigate to a particular organism. You can click on numbers greater than zero in column sequences or publications to obtain potential evidence. Use the grid to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

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Carrier TaxId
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Carrier Taxa
Cargo TaxId
Cargo Rank
Cargo Taxa
Additional Sources
Interaction Details
carios denmarki1655551  hughes virus248052speciesviruses00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
cathaica ravida sieboldtiana   eurytrema pancreaticum374591speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
stagnicola emarginata angulata   isthmiophora melis220796speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
culicoides austropalpalis467355  walkabout creek virus1569258species 20 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
stagnicola emarginata angulata   plagiorchis muris84105speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
lyperosia   trypanosoma evansi5697speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
aedes pembaensis1914964  brugia patei42154speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
ovis ammon sewerzewi   eimeria faurei156219speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
gymnodinium instriatum859283  amoebophrya sp. ex gymnodinium instriatum189333no rankplants10 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
culicoides austropalpalis467355  wongabel virus318854speciesviruses20 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
carios denmarki1655551  raza virus248054no rankviruses30 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
lepus arcticus groenlandicus   eimeria perforans471283speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
agriolimax   parelaphostrongylus odocoilei192633speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
protoscheloribates   moniezia benedeni218196speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
parafossalurus   opisthorchis sinensis41765speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
ophrysia   eimeria acervulina5801speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
neacomys spinosus amoenus   leishmania amazonensis5659speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
agriolimax   muellerius capillaris242453speciesinvertebrates00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
ophrysia   cyrnea colini species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
agriolimax   davainea proglottina species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
phasianus colchicus tschardynensis   eimeria langeroni species 00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
phasianus colchicus chrysomelas   eimeria langeroni species 00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
branta canadensis parvipes   eimeria brantae species 00 Latest Pubmed Search1click here
polypilis   gigantobilharzia sturniae species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
pironella   heterophyes dispar species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
anisotarsus   raillietina cesticillus246978species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
ophrysia   tetrameres pattersoni species 00 Latest Pubmed Search0click here
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