Cargos (from betasatellites) Carried by ageratum conyzoides

NameOur RankOur DivisionNCBI DivisionNCBI RankTaxId
ageratum leaf curl cameroon betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies635076
ageratum yellow leaf curl betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies169687
ageratum yellow vein betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies185750
ageratum yellow vein china betasatelliteno rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies329288
malvastrum yellow vein betasatelliteno rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies221036
malvastrum yellow vein yunnan betasatellitespecies  species1280309
tomato leaf curl betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies220812
tomato leaf curl china betasatelliteno rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies278069
tomato leaf curl guangxi betasatellitespecies  species1280308
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