Cargos (from suggested genus cyclovirus) Carried by homo sapiens

NameOur RankOur DivisionNCBI DivisionNCBI RankTaxId
cyclovirus ng12no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742922
cyclovirus ng14no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742923
cyclovirus ng15no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742945
cyclovirus ng22no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742948
cyclovirus ng23no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742944
cyclovirus ng6no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742946
cyclovirus ng8no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742947
cyclovirus ni-204species  species1572667
cyclovirus pk10no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742926
cyclovirus pk14no rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies742927
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