Cargos (from betasatellites) Carried by capsicum

NameOur RankOur DivisionNCBI DivisionNCBI RankTaxId
chili leaf curl bhatinda betasatellitespecies  species1335766
chilli leaf curl betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies169690
cotton leaf curl virus betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies189515
croton yellow vein mosaic betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies411248
papaya leaf curl betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies714640
pepper yellow leaf curl virus satellite dna betano rankviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies716920
tomato leaf curl joydebpur betasatellitespeciesviruses and viroidsvirusesspecies436243
tomato yellow leaf curl oman betasatelliteno rank  no rank1172353
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