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Diseases included in EID2 Database. You can browse to specific Disease via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

chronic viral hepatitisB18
chronic viral hepatitis b with delta-agentB18.0
chronic viral hepatitis b without delta-agentB18.1
chronic viral hepatitis cB18.2
other chronic viral hepatitisB18.8
chronic viral hepatitis, unspecifiedB18.9
unspecified viral hepatitisB19
unspecified viral hepatitis with hepatic comaB19.0
unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic comaB19.10
unspecified viral hepatitis with hepatic comaB19.11
unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic comaB19.20
unspecified viral hepatitis with hepatic comaB19.21
unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic comaB19.9
human immunodeficiency virus [hiv] diseaseB20
human immunodeficiency virus [hiv] diseaseB20
human immunodeficiency virus [hiv] diseaseB20 -B20
cytomegaloviral diseaseB25
other viral diseasesB25 -B34
cytomegaloviral pneumonitisB25.0
cytomegaloviral hepatitisB25.1
cytomegaloviral pancreatitisB25.2
other cytomegaloviral diseasesB25.8
cytomegaloviral disease, unspecifiedB25.9
mumps orchitisB26.0
mumps meningitisB26.1
mumps encephalitisB26.2
mumps pancreatitisB26.3
mumps hepatitisB26.81
mumps myocarditisB26.82
mumps nephritisB26.83
mumps polyneuropathyB26.84
mumps arthritisB26.85
other mumps complicationsB26.89
mumps without complicationB26.9
infectious mononucleosisB27
infectious mononucleosiswithout complicationB27.00
infectious mononucleosis with polyneuropathyB27.01
infectious mononucleosis with meningitisB27.02
infectious mononucleosiswith other complicationsB27.09
infectious mononucleosiswithout complicationsB27.10
infectious mononucleosiswith polyneuropathyB27.11
infectious mononucleosis with meningitisB27.12
infectious mononucleosiswith other complicationB27.19
infectious mononucleosis without complicationB27.80
infectious mononucleosis with polyneuropathyB27.81
infectious mononucleosiswith meningitisB27.82
infectious mononucleosis with other complicationB27.89
infectious mononucleosis without complicationB27.90
infectious mononucleosis with polyneuropathyB27.91
infectious mononucleosis with meningitisB27.92
infectious mononucleosiswith other complicationB27.99
viral conjunctivitisB30
keratoconjunctivitis due to adenovirusB30.0
conjunctivitis due to adenovirusB30.1
viral pharyngoconjunctivitisB30.2
acute epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (enteroviral)B30.3
other viral conjunctivitisB30.8
viral conjunctivitis, unspecifiedB30.9
other viral diseases, not elsewhere classifiedB33
epidemic myalgiaB33.0
ross river diseaseB33.1
other viral diseases, not elsewhere classified unspecifiedB33.20
viral endocarditisB33.21
viral myocarditisB33.22
viral pericarditisB33.23
viral cardiomyopathyB33.24
retrovirus infections, not elsewhere classifiedB33.3
hantavirus (cardio)-pulmonary syndrome [hps] [hcps]B33.4
other specified viral diseasesB33.8
viral infection of unspecified siteB34
adenovirus infection, unspecifiedB34.0
enterovirus infection, unspecifiedB34.1
coronavirus infection, unspecifiedB34.2
feline infectious peritonitisB34.2.1
parvovirus infection, unspecifiedB34.3
papovavirus infection, unspecifiedB34.4
other viral infections of unspecified siteB34.8
viral infection, unspecifiedB34.9
mycosesB35 -B49
tinea barbae and tinea capitisB35.0
tinea unguiumB35.1
tinea manuumB35.2
tinea pedisB35.3
tinea corporisB35.4
tinea imbricataB35.5
tinea crurisB35.6
other dermatophytosesB35.8
keratinophilic mycosisB35.8.1
dermatophytosis, unspecifiedB35.9
other superficial mycosesB36
candidal stomatitisB37.0
pulmonary candidiasisB37.1
candidiasis of skin and nailB37.2
candidiasis of vulva and vaginaB37.3
candidal cystitis and urethritisB37.41
candidal balanitisB37.42
other urogenital candidiasisB37.49
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