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other secondary syphilitic conditionsA51.49
early syphilis, latentA51.5
early syphilis, unspecifiedA51.9
late syphilisA52
cardiovascular syphilis, unspecifiedA52.00
syphilitic aneurysm of aortaA52.01
syphilitic aortitisA52.02
syphilitic endocarditisA52.03
syphilitic cerebral arteritisA52.04
other cerebrovascular syphilisA52.05
other syphilitic heart involvementA52.06
other cardiovascular syphilisA52.09
�� unspecifiedA52.10
tabes dorsalisA52.11
other cerebrospinal syphilisA52.12
late syphilitic meningitisA52.13
late syphilitic encephalitisA52.14
late syphilitic neuropathyA52.15
charc�t's arthropathy (tabetic)A52.16
general paresisA52.17
other symptomatic neurosyphilisA52.19
asymptomatic neurosyphilisA52.2
neurosyphilis, unspecifiedA52.3
late syphilitic oculopathyA52.71
syphilis of lung and bronchusA52.72
symptomatic late syphilis of other respiratory organsA52.73
syphilis of liver and other visceraA52.74
syphilis of kidney and ureterA52.75
other genitourinary symptomatic late syphilisA52.76
syphilis of bone and jointA52.77
syphilis of other musculoskeletal tissueA52.78
other symptomatic late syphilisA52.79
late syphilis, latentA52.8
late syphilis, unspecifiedA52.9
other and unspecified syphilisA53
latent syphilis, unspecified as early or lateA53.0
syphilis, unspecifiedA53.9
gonococcal infectionA54
gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract, unspecifiedA54.00
gonococcal cystitis and urethritis, unspecifiedA54.01
gonococcal vulvovaginitis, unspecifiedA54.02
gonococcal cervicitis, unspecifiedA54.03
other gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tractA54.09
gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract with periurethral and accessory gland abscessA54.1
gonococcal infection of kidney and ureterA54.21
gonococcal prostatitisA54.22
gonococcal infection of other male genital organsA54.23
gonococcal female pelvic inflammatory diseaseA54.24
other gonococcal genitourinary infectionsA54.29
gonococcal infection unspecifiedA54.30
gonococcal conjunctivitisA54.31
gonococcal iridocyclitisA54.32
gonococcal keratitisA54.33
other gonococcal eye infectionA54.39
gonococcal infection unspecifiedA54.40
gonococcal spondylopathyA54.41
gonococcal arthritisA54.42
gonococcal osteomyelitisA54.43
gonococcal infection of other musculoskeletal tissueA54.49
gonococcal pharyngitisA54.5
gonococcal infection of anus and rectumA54.6
gonococcal meningitisA54.81
gonococcal brain abscessA54.82
gonococcal heart infectionA54.83
gonococcal pneumoniaA54.84
gonococcal peritonitisA54.85
gonococcal sepsisA54.86
other gonococcal infectionsA54.89
gonococcal infection, unspecifiedA54.9
chlamydial lymphogranuloma (venereum)A55
chlamydial lymphogranuloma (venereum)A55
other sexually transmitted chlamydial diseasesA56
other sexually transmitted chlamydial diseases unspecifiedA56.00
chlamydial cystitis and urethritisA56.01
chlamydial vulvovaginitisA56.02
other chlamydial infection of lower genitourinary tractA56.09
chlamydial female pelvic inflammatory diseaseA56.11
other chlamydial genitourinary infectionA56.19
chlamydial infection of genitourinary tract, unspecifiedA56.2
chlamydial infection of anus and rectumA56.3
chlamydial infection of pharynxA56.4
sexually transmitted chlamydial infection of other sitesA56.8
granuloma inguinaleA58
granuloma inguinaleA58
trichomoniasis unspecifiedA59.00
trichomonal vulvovaginitisA59.01
trichomonal prostatitisA59.02
trichomonal cystitis and urethritisA59.03
other urogenital trichomoniasisA59.09
trichomoniasis of other sitesA59.8
trichomoniasis, unspecifiedA59.9
anogenital herpesviral [herpes simplex] infectionsA60
herpesviral infection of urogenital system, unspecifiedA60.00
herpesviral infection of penisA60.01
herpesviral infection of other male genital organsA60.02
herpesviral cervicitisA60.03
herpesviral vulvovaginitisA60.04
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