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Diseases included in EID2 Database. You can browse to specific Disease via the tree view or the grid below. The grid allows you to filter (click funnel), sort (click on column name) or page (click on page numbers below).

viral intestinal infection, unspecifiedA08.4
other specified intestinal infectionsA08.8
infectious gastroenteritis and colitis, unspecifiedA09
infectious gastroenteritis and colitis, unspecifiedA09
respiratory tuberculosisA15
tuberculosisA15 -A19
tuberculosis of lungA15.0
tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodesA15.4
tuberculosis of larynx, trachea and bronchusA15.5
tuberculous pleurisyA15.6
primary respiratory tuberculosisA15.7
other respiratory tuberculosisA15.8
respiratory tuberculosis unspecifiedA15.9
tuberculosis of nervous systemA17
tuberculous meningitisA17.0
meningeal tuberculomaA17.1
tuberculoma of brain and spinal cordA17.81
tuberculous meningoencephalitisA17.82
tuberculous neuritisA17.83
other tuberculosis of nervous systemA17.89
tuberculosis of nervous system, unspecifiedA17.9
tuberculosis of other organsA18
tuberculosis of spineA18.01
tuberculous arthritis of other jointsA18.02
tuberculosis of other bonesA18.03
other musculoskeletal tuberculosisA18.09
tuberculosis of other organs unspecifiedA18.10
tuberculosis of kidney and ureterA18.11
tuberculosis of bladderA18.12
tuberculosis of other urinary organsA18.13
tuberculosis of prostateA18.14
tuberculosis of other male genital organsA18.15
tuberculosis of cervixA18.16
tuberculous female pelvic inflammatory diseaseA18.17
tuberculosis of other female genital organsA18.18
tuberculous peripheral lymphadenopathyA18.2
tuberculous peritonitisA18.31
tuberculous enteritisA18.32
retroperitoneal tuberculosisA18.39
tuberculosis of skin and subcutaneous tissueA18.4
tuberculosis of other organs unspecifiedA18.50
tuberculous episcleritisA18.51
tuberculous keratitisA18.52
tuberculous chorioretinitisA18.53
tuberculous iridocyclitisA18.54
other tuberculosis of eyeA18.59
tuberculosis of (inner) (middle) earA18.6
tuberculosis of adrenal glandsA18.7
tuberculosis of thyroid glandA18.81
tuberculosis of other endocrine glandsA18.82
tuberculosis of digestive tract organs, not elsewhere classifiedA18.83
tuberculosis of heartA18.84
tuberculosis of spleenA18.85
tuberculosis of other sitesA18.89
miliary tuberculosisA19
acute miliary tuberculosis of a single specified siteA19.0
acute miliary tuberculosis of multiple sitesA19.1
acute miliary tuberculosis, unspecifiedA19.2
other miliary tuberculosisA19.8
miliary tuberculosis, unspecifiedA19.9
certain zoonotic bacterial diseasesA20 -A28
bubonic plagueA20.0
cellulocutaneous plagueA20.1
pneumonic plagueA20.2
plague meningitisA20.3
septicemic plagueA20.7
other forms of plagueA20.8
plague, unspecifiedA20.9
ulceroglandular tularemiaA21.0
oculoglandular tularemiaA21.1
pulmonary tularemiaA21.2
gastrointestinal tularemiaA21.3
generalized tularemiaA21.7
other forms of tularemiaA21.8
tularemia, unspecifiedA21.9
cutaneous anthraxA22.0
pulmonary anthraxA22.1
gastrointestinal anthraxA22.2
anthrax sepsisA22.7
other forms of anthraxA22.8
anthrax, unspecifiedA22.9
brucellosis due to brucella melitensisA23.0
brucellosis due to brucella abortusA23.1
brucellosis due to brucella suisA23.2
brucellosis due to brucella canisA23.3
other brucellosisA23.8
brucellosis, unspecifiedA23.9
glanders and melioidosisA24
acute and fulminating melioidosisA24.1
subacute and chronic melioidosisA24.2
other melioidosisA24.3
melioidosis, unspecifiedA24.9
rat-bite feversA25
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